Billy Smallwood

Billy Smallwood quickly became hooked on basketball when he started playing the game at school where he won several county championships. Following his participation at school, Billy began playing at Oaklands college for a few years and began playing national league basketball from the age of 16. In the summer of 2017, Billy travelled to play in an AAU level tournament in Dallas, Texas. This experience gave him an insight into the level of performance needed to excel in the future. After this summer of basketball, Billy enrolled at Cardiff Metropolitan University and became a first team Archer that went on to win the league. Following a successful start to University basketball, Billy tore his ACL which left him side-lined for two seasons. As of January 2021, Billy returned to the court and is excelling as a key member of the team.

Billy has always displayed an interest in Performance Analysis. Therefore, Billy showed no hesitation when choosing to study it at undergraduate level. Over the course of Billy’s studies, he has been a lead analyst for the WBBL Cardiff Met Archers squad, and worked with the Men’s BUCS and NBL squads too. Now, Billy takes on a new challenge by becoming the lead performance analyst for the newly formed Cardiff Met Archers Women’s Premier League team, which is one of four British Wheelchair Basketball High Performance Partners.

“I am extremely thankful and excited for the opportunity to work with the HPP. I see this as a massive opportunity to prove how successful I can be as a performance analysis and help athletes improve to reach their full potential.” Says Billy Smallwood following his appointment to the role.

Rosie Williams, Co-Head Coach of the programme adds, “We are so grateful that Billy has joined the team. Billy is not only an incredibly creative, innovative and motivated analyst – he also places tremendous value on the soft skills that generate terrific working relationships. Billy’s basketball background is an additional asset to us and elevates his ability to input and support us as a squad.”


Archers Arena, Cyncoed Campus, Cyncoed Road, Cardiff CF23 6XD

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